Meditating at the beach: what to expect.

Beach meditations could be considered as one of the most powerful techniques that spiritual people utilize in their lives. When you get to the shore at dawn, you will not only see the rising sun but you will actually feel its energy coming out of nowhere. As you meditate on these states of transition, you could learn to activate the very same energies within your own body.

There are many explanations to this, found even in advanced yogic literature. For instance, a Kundalini, which is a hidden energy seated at the foundation of your spine could be characterized as nothing but the actual Solar energy, which bring light to the things and ideas, thoughts and emotions and whatever it comes in contact with. It is also a vital life force, which can make you achieve unbelievable things and can also drive you mad, if kept unbalanced.

Meditations at beach also connect you to the water element. Water element is as important as the Fire and Earth and Air, and it is actually important to keep all four balanced. Although, you may often come in contact with earn and the air, fire and water may not be as tangible and could sometimes be elusive. That is why; whenever you have an opportunity you should strengthen you contact with the water element and start enjoying its positive effects right away. As you will likely to see Sun on the beach, as well as step on some sand and breathe some air, you will effectively interact with all four elements while doing your meditation routine.

Some people also choose to meditate when it is about to dusk. I have personally tried it too, though I wouldn’t recommend doing it way too often. The dusk mediation actually lets you connect with the world of darkness, though it’s important to define its meaning properly before we can move on. The darkness is actually nothing more than merely absence of light. So if there is nothing – there is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, the different yoga schools teach that we all come from darkness, and thus the evening mediations could actually connect us closer to our cosmic source.

As most of the people on the beach are just having fun, do you find it easy to meditate in such environment? Well, I find it the same as any other environment. The world is quite noisy not only on the beach but in every place you go. And wherever you go, the people would have somewhat similar idea about meditation, or to express it in the right way – the absence of any ideas. Here it is important to stay calm and not react on anyone’s sights. However, you should also try not to attract too much of unneeded attention, and you should never fall into the pit of showing off that you ‘know’ how to meditate. Once such thoughts occupy the mind the practice becomes completely useless.

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